Running Around Town:  Washington, D.C. 

Starting Locations and Routes Distance Rating
Montgomery County
Sligo Creek/Wheaton/Northwest Branch (HTM)
Adelphi Loop 9.2 miles VII
Northwest Branch 14 or 8.6 miles X or VIII
Trail of Two Cities 8.15 miles VII
Long Branch/Sligo 6.4, 4.2 or 3.4 miles VI, IV, III
Martin Luther King Jr. Recreational Park (HTM)
Serpentine Way 5.35, 4.85, 5.35, or 5.15 miles V, IV, V or V
Springbrook 3.95 miles III
Rock Creek Park, Ken-Gar Palisades (HTM)
Kensington 6.1 miles IV
Lake Frank, South Shores 13.85 miles X
Garrett Park 2.7 miles III
Tuckerman Lane 5.9 or 4.4 miles VI or IV
Rock Creek Park, Aspen Hill (HTM)
Twinbrook Trail 4.4 or 4.05 miles III
Rock Creek Park, Lake Needwood (HTM)
Lake Needwood Loop 2.5 miles II
Lake Frank Loop 5.45 or 6.6 miles VII or VIII
Bethesda (HTM)
Cedar Lane 8.8 miles VII
Loopy Way to Brookmont 10.45 or 7.27 or 9.5 miles IX or VI or VIII
Little Falls Trail 6.7 or 5.4 miles VI or IV
Cabin John Regional Park (HTM)
Cabin John Park North 4.5 or 5.65 miles V or VI
Central Cabin John Park 6.1 miles VI
C&O Towpath, Lock 7 (HTM)
MacArthur Blvd. to Brookmont 4.6 miles III
Glen Echo 3.3 or 5.55 miles II or IV
C&O Towpath, Carderock (HTM)
Widewater 5.7 miles V
Potomac 12.2 or 12.3 miles X
C&O Towpath, Great Falls National Park, Maryland (HTM)
Gold Mine Trail 4.25 or 3.5 miles IV
Blockhouse Point Conservation Park, Southern Approach 14.25 miles X
C&O Riley's Lock (HTM)
McKee-Beshers Wildlife Management Area 8.65 or 10.1 miles VI or VIII
Blockhouse Point Conservation. Park, Western Approach 9.55 or 11.1 miles IX or X
C&O Edwards Lock (HTM)
Sycamore Landing 10.75 miles IX
Whites Ferry 10.0 or 2.35 miles VIII or I
Seneca State Park, Lake Clopper (HTM)
Lake Shore Trail 3.45 or 4.6 miles II or IV
Long Draught Trail 4 miles IV
Great Seneca Trail 2.55 miles III
Seneca State Park, Black Rock Mill (HTM)
To Riffleford Rd. and Back 9.25 miles X
Seneca State Park, Schaeffer Farm (HTM)
Schaeffer Farm White Trail 3.4 miles III
Schaeffer Farm Western Trails 7.65 or 6.25 or 8.65 miles VII or VI or VIII
Black Hills Regional Park, Seneca Lake (HTM)
Black Hill Trail 8.4 or 4.65 miles IX or V
Hard Rock/Field Crest Spur and Cabin Trails 6.55 or 5.1 miles VI or V
Black Hills Regional Park, Ten Mile Creek (HTM)
Osprey Heights Loop 2.85 miles IV
Little Bennett Park (HTM)
Hyattstown Mill Road 6.4 or 5.4 miles VI or IV
Froggy Hollow School House Trail 2.65 miles II
Damascus Recreational Park (HTM)
Magruder Branch Trail 6.9 VIII


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Last modified: September 26, 2006