Running Around Town:  Washington, D.C. 

Starting Locations and Routes Distance Rating
Washington D.C.
U.S. National Arboretum
Arboretum (HTM) 3.35, 3.05, or 2.65 miles III
Battery Kemble Park (HTM)
Crosstown Trails 6.05 miles VII
Wesley Heights 4.0 miles IV
Washington Palisades 4.8 or 3.85 miles V or IV
Rock Creek Park, Thompson Boat Center (HTM)
Georgetown Loop 5.45 miles IV
Fletchers Boathouse 6.05 or 2.6 miles IV or II
Theodore Roosevelt Island From Washington 4.7, 6.3, or 3.15 miles IV, V, or III
Rock Creek Park, Pierce Mill (HTM)
Melvin Hazen/Zoo 3.25 miles IV
Dumbarton Oaks 6.75 miles VI
Rock Creek Park, Military Rd (HTM)
Northwest D.C. 14 miles X
Bingham Road 3.5 or 2.4 miles III or II
Western Ridge Trail 4.2 or 3.3 miles V or IV
Rock Creek Park District of Columbia/Maryland Border (HTM)
Boundary Lines 2.6 miles II
West Side Story 5.6 or 8.2 miles VII or IX
Chevy Chase 9.05 miles VIII
Silver Spring 5.55 or 6.65 miles V or VI
Fort Dupont (HTM)
Dupont Loop 3.4 miles IV
Kenilworth Park 7.85, 4.4 or 8.25 miles VII, V or VII
Fort Stanton 9.7 miles IX
East Potomac Park & The Mall (HTM)
Tidal Basin and Haines Point 5.3, 5.05, or 2.55 miles IV, III or II
Memorial Tour 4.45, 4.75 or 3.5 miles III, III or II
The Mall & Capitol Hill 6.7, 6.95, or 5.3 miles VI, VI, or IV
Southeast Tour 10.45 or 10 miles IX, VIII



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Last modified: September 26, 2006