Lewinsville Park


Lewinsville Park in McLean, Virginia is right off Chain Bridge Road; an old major throughway into Washington, D.C.The McLean/Langley area is like a younger, richer sibling to northern Arlington.Many of the houses are similar but a larger number of the lots were developed later.The area grew in the 1980's, while the businesses and residents were leaving Washington, D.C.Tysons Corner looms not far away.As the Potomac River curls north of the Washington, D.C., parts of several Virginia stream valleys were maintained as parks-Spout Run, Windy Run, Donaldson Run, Gulf Branch, Pimmit Run, Turkey Run, Dead Run, and Scotts Run are the main ones.Preservation efforts continue.Evanís Farm, once a popular restaurant, almost across the road from Lewinsville Park, with spacious undeveloped property, a pond, and livestock that was open to the public for walking and relaxing, went out of business in the late 1990's.Though it had already been re-zoned, a group trying to save it inspires its contributors by citing that the luscious Scotts Run Park was saved, even while bulldozers stood on that property ready to knock down the trees.From Lewinsville Park, routes described below use trails through and across the above stream valleys.


Getting There


Clockwise on the Beltway, I-495 (from the direction of Montgomery County)

Exit the Capitol Beltway, I-95, at Exit 12, from the left lane, going southbound toward I-66 on the Dulles Access and Toll Road (also called the Brault Expressway).Immediately after merging onto the expressway, take the second ramp at Exit 19, onto northbound Dolley Madison Blvd. Rte. 123.Next, take the next right onto Great Falls St.Turn left at the first traffic light onto Chain Bridge Rd.Turn right almost 0.4 miles later into Lewinsville Park.Park at the end of the road in the lot (do not go past the parking lot onto the service road).A trail head for the start is on the left.


Counterclockwise on the Beltway, I-495 (from Central or Southern Fairfax County)

Exit the Capitol Beltway, I-95, at Exit 11, onto northbound Dolley Madison Blvd. Rte. 123.Turn right after 1.1 miles onto Great Falls St. then follow the directions above from Great Falls St.


Area Routes


Pimmit Run (4.25 or 3.65 miles, III)

Pimmit Run is a long stream that starts near the Capital Beltway and Leesburg Pike, Rte. 7.It empties into the Potomac River at Chain Bridge.Unfortunately, not a lot of it is parkland.A major part of it that is parkland forms the bulk of this route.First descend gradually on suburban sidewalks.The long option passes through the smallish Bryn Mawr Park for a shaded 1/3 of a mile.Both options join soon again after segments on suburban streets at the trail head in Kent Gardens Park.The trail through the park is unpaved, mostly shaded and thus can be muddy after rains.It starts through a powerline clearing then parallels Pimmit Run along the banks in the woods.Occasional faded white blazes will help you follow it, but itís hard to get lost on.In the middle, a dogleg to the right lets you use a bridge to get over a small tributary.After emerging at Westmoreland St., go through more suburban streets while climbing back to Lewinsville Park.


Dead Run/Scotts Run (5.7 or 9.6 miles, VI or X)

Though some busier roads beak-up the rhythm on these routes, you still go through some of the nicer parts of the area on this route.Begin by following the general downhill slope of the land into the Dead Run stream valley.After going down Pathfinder La., pick-up a small paved trail to continue downhill.The paved trails along Dead Run are narrow and a little bumpy.Cross Dolley Madison Blvd. and Old Dominion Dr. at their intersection, then continue on the paved trail paralleling the stream.Though you may get confused by splits and intersections in the trail, if you continue mostly downhill along the stream valley, they all join again.The paved trail ends at Churchill Rd. where the first loop begins.Continue straight on, using a grassy/dirt trail, then street sidewalks to reach Georgetown Pike.Turn left on a paved trail, in somewhat better maintenance than the trail through Dead Run, to go along Georgetown Pike; from Langley Fork Park to Cooper Middle School.There are some short but steep hills to go up and down when getting to the middle school.The shorter option breaks off at Dead Run Rd. to return to Churchill Rd.


The longer option continues past Cooper middle school along Balls Hill Rd. for half a mile.Turning left on Live Oak Dr., you will reach an official Scotts Run Nature Preserve access point near the Langley Swim Club property.The loop made by using the Woodland Trail and River Trail is reminiscent to trails found across the river and upstream at Great Falls, Maryland.The generally wide and unpaved paths are wooded and can be easily run upon.Turns at several intersections are made clearer by posted maps that indicate your location.No drinking water is available in Scotts Run Nature Preserve and some of the hills are very steep.Mid-way up the worst hill, you can glimpse the Potomac River through the trees if itís fall or winter and the leaves have fallen.If you want to visit Scotts Run on a shorter route, park at one of the lots off Georgetown Pike.The loop portion indicated on this route is 1.83 miles long.On the return from Scotts Run, go back as you came except after Georgetown Pike, pass through Churchill Rd. Park to get back to Churchill Rd. and the Dead Run Trail.


Nearby and Connecting Zones


Difficult Run

Donaldson Run/Potomac Overlook Regional Park

Idylwood Park

C&O Canal, Lock 7

C&O Canal, Carderock Recreation Area


What to do Afterward


Food and Drink

Cafť Tatti - 703 790-5164

Corner Bakery 703 821-4224

Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream - 703 883-2090

Chesapeake Bagel Bakery - 703 506-0536

Entertainment and Edification

Claude Moore Colonial Farm

Turkey Run Recreation Area


Pimmit Run

Distance:††††††††† 4.25 or 3.65 miles

Rating:III; suburban sidewalks and streets with some hills; unpaved stream trails


L††††††††† 0.0†††††† on the paved trail from the parking lot toward Chain Bridge Rd


R††††††††† 0.1†††††† Chain Bridge Rd (use sidewalk)


R††††††††† 0.4†††††† Westmoreland St

0.6†††††† McLean HS on R


L††††††††† 0.65†††† Old Chesterbrook Rd


L††††††††† 0.75†††† Weaver Ave


L††††††††† 1.0†††††† Laughlin Rd

1.05†††† at road end, continue S on trail across Tennyson Dr into Bryn Mawr Park

1.1_          bridge on L over stream toward playground


R††††††††† 1.3†††††† Longfellow St (go uphill)


CL†††††† 1.65†††† Old Chesterbrook Rd


R††††††††† 1.8†††††† Pimmit Run Trail head; just past Aerie St on R

1.9†††††† trail X on L follows creek; go S through grassy field

2.0†††††† trail X on L joins from creek


R††††††††† 2.05†††† trail X on R; S goes through gully

L††††††††† 2.15†††† trail X to wooden bridge over gully (paved), then L again (unpaved)

2.25†††† trail X on L from gully & wooden bridge on L over Pimmit Run; go S instead


S††††††††† 2.7†††††† Westmoreland St; go S onto Lemon Rd


R††††††††† 2.85†††† Rupert St


L††††††††† 3.35†††† Girard St

3.45†††† walkway on R to McLean HS


R††††††††† 3.55†††† Margie Dr


L††††††††† 3.6†††††† Sea Cliff Rd


R††††††††† 3.7†††††† Warner Ave


S††††††††† 4.0†††††† trail head at end of Warner Ave into Lewinsville Park


L††††††††† 4.0†††††† gravel road goes around field

4.05†††† gravel road on R merges


R††††††††† 4.1†††††† Resource Mgt House service road


L††††††††† 4.25†††† parking



Dead Run/Scotts Run

Distance:††††††††† 5.7 or 9.6 miles

Rating:VI or X; paved and unpaved trails, suburban sidewalks; hilly


5.7 Mile Route


L†††† 0.0†† on the paved trail from the parking lot toward Chain Bridge Rd


R†††† 0.1†† Chain Bridge Rd (use sidewalk)


L†††† 0.4†† Pathfinder La; cross Chain Br Rd(!)


R/L 0.5†† at Meadowbrook to stay on Pathfinder La


R†††† 0.65 Dead Run Trail (unmarked/paved)


R†††† 0.9†† Dolley Madison Blvd, Rte 123


CL1.0†† Old Dominion Dr


R†††† 1.05 over wooden bridge to the concrete walkway; go toward the library

†††††† 1.15 trail X on L (unpaved) to creek


L†††† 1.2†† library; asphalt trail toward tennis/playground/basketball courts

†††††† 1.25 trail X (triangle) on R

†††††† 1.35 trail X (triangle) on R; cross the creek on the wooden bridge


R†††† 1.4†† after crossing creek; to stay on trail

†††††† 1.45 trail X on R


S†††† 1.7†† Churchill Rd; grassy trail into woods

†††††† 1.85 trail bears R; leave the creek


L†††† 1.95 Baron Rd (! limited sight)


L†††† 2.0†† Douglas Rd (use sidewalk & trail)

L†††† 2.35 asphalt trail along Georgetown Pike

†††††† 3.0†† trail ends; use Georgetown Pike access road


CL3.05 Dead Run Rd

†††††† 3.25 trail X on R into Churchill Rd Park


L†††† 3.9†† Churchill Rd


R†††† 3.95 Dead Run Trail (paved/unmarked)

†††††† 4.25 trail X on L


L†††† 4.3†† at T to stay on trail; road on R

†††††† 4.35 trail X on L (triangle)

†††††† 4.45 trail X on L (triangle)


R†††† 4.45 library; concrete path to Old Dominion Dr


L†††† 4.65 Old Dominion Dr


CR4.7†† Dolley Madison Blvd, Rte 123


L†††† 4.75 Dead Run Trail on L (unmarked)


L†††† 5.0†† Pathfinder La; end of Dead Run Trail


R/L 5.15 at Meadowbrook to stay on Pathfinder La


CR5.3†† Chain Bridge Rd (!)


L†††† 5.55 trail head (asphalt) into the park


R†††† 5.7†† parking lot



*9.6 Mile Route


†††††† 3.05 Dead Run Dr on L


R†††† 3.15 exit the school grounds toward Balls Hill Rd


CR3.15 Balls Hill Rd

†††††† 3.2†† Georgetown Pike (TL)


L†††† 3.65 Live Oak Dr; bridge over the beltway; I‑495


L†††† 3.75 Woodland Trail head (unpaved) into Scotts Run Nature Preserve; near the Do Not Enter Sign for the Langley Swim Club driveway

†††††† 3.75 trail X on R

†††††† 3.8†† trail X on R

†††††† 4.0†† trail X on R


L†††† 4.1†† at trail X; R is return route

†††††† 4.2†† trail X on R


R†††† 4.35 at Scotts Run East Parking; trail is less wide from here

†††††† 4.5†† gully

†††††† 4.55 trail X on R

†††††† 4.6†† trail X on R

†††††† 4.65 trail X on R


R†††† 4.85 after stairs; Scotts Run Parking

†††††† 4.9†† gate end of parking area is start of the River Trail

†††††† 5.1†† cross Scotts Run creek on flat concrete stones

BR5.3†† cross Scotts Run creek on flat concrete stones; begin steep uphill


R†††† 5.4†† stairs on R begin the Woodland Trail; climb higher

†††††† 5.5†† old chimney on L

†††††† 5.8†† trail X on L


L†††† 5.9†† trail X; loop is complete; S is to Scotts Run East Parking

†††††† 6.0†† trail X on L

†††††† 6.15 trail X on L

†††††† 6.25 trail X on L


R†††† 6.25 Live Oak Dr; bridge over beltway; I‑495


R†††† 6.35 Balls Hill Rd†††††††††††††

†††††† 6.75 Georgetown Pike (TL)


L/R 6.8†† L into James F Cooper MS; R through the parking & around the school

†††††† 7.05 trail head at end of road; tennis courts are on the L

†††††† 7.1†† trail X on L; go S up the stairs


CL7.15 Thrasher Pl


CR7.3†† Thrasher Rd


L†††† 7.4†† Churchill Rd

†††††† 7.8†† Dead Run Dr on L (pickup cues at mile 3.95 on 5.7 mile route)