Trailside Park, Ashburn


For an outsider, Ashburn might seem like a follow-up act to Reston.Itís a large planned community built at the time, outside the known limits of civilization...Vast farm fields however changed over to become homes for people who were fleeing that so called civilization.Though a part of Ashburn is old, most of it is new and is still changing.Itís got its own character.Corporate giants such as AOL and MCI Worldcom now dominate Ashburn. The Washington and Old Dominion Trail (W&OD) passes right through it, though youíd hardly knowfrom being on it.Buffers zones around the trail still make you feel alone out in the country.The trail is an obvious choice for out and back routes.Most of the other parks near Ashburn are ones that were built as part of the planned development.The parks and trails within them follow riparian settings.As of the year 1999, Ashburn was still out by itself enough to take advantage of running loops on country roads.Gravel roads are quickly becoming paved in this fast growing county so hurry.Trailside Park is small and new.Ballfields and other amenities have been built in it.Some of the routes shown here were contributed by Ralph Keith, formerly a member of the Loudoun Road Runners.


Getting There


From the Capital Beltway

Take Exit 12, for the Washington Dulles Access and Toll Road, Rte. 267, west.When getting on to the expressway, stay to the outer (right) lanes.The inner (left) lanes are only for access to Washington Dulles International Airport.After 12 miles, just past Sully Rd., Rte. 28, a second toll must be paid to continue on Rte. 267; from here called the Dulles Greenway.Approximately 5 miles further, take Exit 5, for the Claiborne Pkwy.Turn right at the stop.After approximately 2 miles, at what is currently the end of the road, turn left and park in Trailside Park.Start from the trail head that goes toward the wooden bridge in the woods and the W&OD Trail.


Area Routes


Ashburn Park (3.2 miles, II)

Explore the trails of Ashburn Farms on this route, then return on the W&OD.At first, youíll have your right foot in the suburbs, and the left in the country.On the right are houses, and on the left as you parallel the obscured W&OD, are farm fields.After crossing the Hay Rd. start descending and intersect some trails.Though the trail intersections are not marked; just remember to turn left at all trail intersections, keeping the W&OD to your left.Soon youíll arrive at Ashburn Park where the paved trail ends and the confluence of several streams is located.Pop up a short gravel road to the older parts of Ashburn.Following paved roads, join the W&OD at Ashburn Rd. where a popular general store sells cold drinks.The way back on the W&OD is mostly a long straight downgrade.Turn left at the first opportunity, just before an in-line hockey rink.The W&OD is appropriate for in-line skating however most of the Ashburn trail are not.


Beaverdam Run (4.25, 2.05 or 2.55 miles, III, II or II)

After learning the trail to Ashburn Park, you might want to checkout some of the side trails on that route.The longest route described here goes to Beaverdam Run.A trail along Beaverdam Run went for a mile and a quarter in 1999 before ending at construction.Return instead on a trail that takes you to Claiborne Pkwy. then go along it to return to Trailside Park.The shortcuts follow streams and climb steep but not long hills before coming back to Claiborne Pkwy.


Sycolin Road (8.65 or 8.95 miles, X)

Leaving Trailside Park take a right onto Claiborne Pkwy., cross Hay Road, and then either use paths along the road or paths behind the houses get to Ashburn Farms Pkwy.The hill going up Ashburn Farms Pkwy takes you to the top of Belmont Ridge, and will warm you up (125 ft. over a distance of 1 mile).†† Once across Belmont Ridge Road at the top, Ashburn Farms Parkway becomes Sycolin Road (State Rte. 643), civilization disappears, and the road quickly becomes gravel (note this area is changing and one day may handle significant auto traffic).Proceed along Sycolin, over the Dulles Greenway, down the big hill to Goose Creek (160 ft. over 0.85 miles).Go up two more less vigorous hills ahead.After a few miles cross Sycolin Creek and take a right on Cochran Mill Road (State Rte. 653).Cochran Mill road is mostly a gravel road over flat to rolling hills.Take a right at the W&OD and continue, crossing Belmont Ridge Road (State Rte. 659).Turn right at the path into Ashburn Farms and Trailside Park (after the in-line skating hockey rink).


Stubble Road (4.65 miles, IV)

Leave Trailside Park and Claiborne Pkwy. onto the paved trail to the W&OD Trail. Take a left on the W&OD Trail and run along the trail to Belmont Ridge Road.Use caution, the 0.4 miles uphill on Belmont Ridge Road can be busy with occasional heavy truck traffic.There are no shoulders.It has a posted speed of 45 mph, but traffic usually goes faster. Turning off onto Stubble Road, the way is much better.Neither cars nor even houses are to be seen.The wooded stretch with easy rolling hills is especially pleasant in the fall. (as of 1999, most of Stubble Road is gravel and wood covered, however new housing developments are changing that). Stubble road ends at Ashburn Rd. Take a right onto Ashburn Road and another quick right onto the W&OD. Continue on the long straight the bike trail until you see the path on the left back to Trailside Park.


Nearby and Connecting Zones


Washington & Old Dominion Park, Sterling



What to do Afterward


Food and Drink

Manhattan Pizzaria - 703 858-1388

Lansdowne - 703 729-8400

House of Emperor - 703 729-1411

Ashburn Bagel Shop - 703 858-5799

Entertainment and Edification

Brambleton Regional Park 703 - 327-3403

Algonkian Regional Park - 703 450-7655

Balls Bluff Regional Park - 703 3525900

Ashburn Park

Distance:††††††††† 3.2 miles

Rating:II; paved trails with short segments on gravel & paved road; mostly sunny and flat


†††††† 0.0†† from the park; cross Claiborne Pkwy to the trail head directly across

†††††† 0.45 court on R

†††††† 0.8†† cross Hay Rd


L†††† 0.85 trail X; sharp L on the downhill

†††††† 1.0†† Cross Breeze Place


L†††† 1.15 at T; trail X (unmarked)


L†††† 1.4†† trail X on L; S & L are to bridges

†††††† 1.45 trail X on L after crossing creek; go up the hill; playground on L; Ashburn Park


S†††† 1.6†† on Partlow Rd at Preddy Ct on L


L†††† 1.8†† Ashburn Rd; use sidewalk

†††††† 2.0†† Hay Rd on L


L†††† 2.05 W&OD (store)

†††††† 2.35 Mile Marker 28


L†††† 3.15 trail X on L; to Trailside Park

†††††† 3.2†† Trailside Park at Claiborne Pkwy


Ashburn Park


Beaverdam Run

Distance: 4.25, 2.05 or 2.55 miles

Rating:†††††††††† III, II or II; paved trails along small parks; some small hills


4.25 Mile Route


†††††† 0.0†† from the park; cross Claiborne Pkwy to the paved trail head directly across

†††††† 0.45 court on R

†††††† 0.8†† cross Hay Rd


L†††† 0.85 trail X; sharp L on the downhill (unmarked)

†††††† 1.0†† Cross Breeze Place


L†††† 1.15 at T; trail X (unmarked)


BR1.4†† trail X on L; S & L are to wood bridges


L†††† 1.45 trail X on L (unmarked); next wooden bridge is over Beaverdam Run

†††††† 1.75 trail X on L before tunnel (unmarked); goes to Ashburn Farm Pkwy

†††††† 2.0†† trail X on R (unmarked) goes over Beaverdam Run


R†††† 2.1†† trail X on R (unmarked);goes over Beaverdam Run


R/L 2.3†† at Windmill Dr to stay on trail; pond at visitor center


BL2.4†† at trail X to leave pond


BR2.65 Windmill Dr at Cornerpost Sq


R†††† 2.7†† Claiborne Pkwy

†††††† 2.95 Ashburn Farm Pkwy

†††††† 3.2†† trail X on R (unmarked)


†††††† 3.5†† trail X on R (unmarked) is cloverleaf to cross under Claiborne Pkwy

†††††† 3.55 trail X on R (unmarked)


†††††† 3.75 Hay Rd

†††††† 3.85 trail X on R (unmarked) to ballfields


CL4.25 at Grey Swallow Terr on R; end of Claiborne Pkwy

†††††† 4.25 Trailside Park; trail X on R to W&OD trail



*2.05 Mile Route


BR0.85 merge at trail X (unmarked)


R†††† 1.3†† Claiborne Pkwy (pickup cues at mile 3.75 on 4.25 mile route)



*2.55 Mile Route


R†††† 0.85 at T; trail X (unmarked)

†††††† 1.3†† trail X on L through woods to houses


R†††† 1.5†† Claiborne Pkwy at top of short steep hill (pickup cues at mile 3.5 on 4.25 mile route)

Sycolin Road

Distance: 8.65 or 8.95 miles

Rating:†††††††††† X; paved trails, paved and gravel roads; some big and steep hills; mostly sunny


8.65 Mile Route


R†††† 0.0†† Claiborne Pkwy from the park

†††††† 0.5†† Hay Rd

†††††† 0.7†† trail X on R (unmarked)

†††††† 0.75 trail X on R (unmarked) goes to tunnel under Claiborne Pkwy


R†††† 0.95 trail X on R (unmarked)

†††††† 1.15 trail X on R (unmarked)

†††††† 1.3†† trail X on L to Ashburn Farms Pkwy

†††††† 1.35 trail X on L to Ashburn Farms Pkwy


R†††† 1.7†† Ashburn Farms Pkwy at T


†††††† 2.05 Belmont Ridge Rd; Ashburn Farms Pkwy becomes Sycolin Rd, Rte 643

†††††† 2.45 begin bridge over Dulles Greenway

†††††† 2.9†† begin bridge over Goose Creek††††††††

†††††† 3.45 high tension power lines

†††††† 3.7†† gas pipeline on hill

†††††† 3.9†† end bridge over Dulles Greenway


R†††† 4.75 Cochran Mill Rd after crossing Sycolin Creek


BL5.45 at Gant La on R to stay on Cochran Mill Rd

†††††† 6.35 bridge over creek


R†††† 6.5†† W&OD Trail

†††††† 6.75 end bridge over Sycolin Creek

†††††† 6.85 Mile Marker 30.5

†††††† 7.1†† end bridge over Goose Creek

†††††† 7.25 Luck Stone Quarry overlook on R

†††††† 7.55 quarry road

†††††† 7.7†† Belmont Ridge Rd

†††††† 8.35 Mile Marker 29


R†††† 8.55 trail X on R to Ashburn Farms and Trailside Park (unmarked)

†††††† 8.65 Trailside Park at Claiborne Pkwy



*8.95 Mile Route


†††††† 0.95 trail X on R (unmarked)


R†††† 1.3†† Ashburn Farm Pkwy

†††††† 1.55 trail X on R(unmarked) before Sanderís Corner Elementary School

†††††† 2.0†† trail X on R (unmarked) (pickup cues at mile 2.05 on 8.65 mile route)

Stubble Road

Distance: 4.65 miles

Rating:†††††††††† IV; paved trails, paved and gravel roads; modest hills; half sunny/half shady


†††††† 0.0†† from Trailside Park, take the trail head to the W&OD Trail


L†††† 0.1†† W&OD

†††††† 0.3†† Mile Mark 29


R†††† 0.95 Belmont Ridge Rd (Rte 659) (!)


R†††† 1.35 Stubble Rd

†††††† 1.6†† Alexanderís Corner Rd on R


R†††† 3.45 Ashburn Rd


R†††† 3.5†† W&OD (store)

†††††† 3.8†† Mile Marker 28


L†††† 4.6†† trail X on L; to Trailside Park

†††††† 4.65 Trailside Park at Claiborne Pkwy


Stubble Road