Eakin Community Park


Quiet woods along the Accotink Creek are the hallmark of Eakin Community Park.Actually a string of smaller parks, Eakin is made-up of Mantua Park, Kern Drive Park, Eakin Park, Woodburn Road Park, Accotink Stream Valley Park, and Mill Creek Park.The trail through it is mostly surfaced with bluestone and markers every half-mile are displayed for 2.5 miles of it.Itís easy to get across the few street crossings on the trail.As of 1999, at the northwest end of the trail, an opportunity to connect with trails in the City of Fairfax has not yet been taken.A bridge over the Accotink could easily connect the Eakin Trail to Thaiss Park extending the northern terminus another mile.You can still get there however via a half mile on the wide shoulder of Arlington Blvd, Rte. 50.Further north and west, routes described here go to Nottoway Park and utilize the City of Fairfax Connector Trail.The Connector Trail aids bicycle commuters and walkers on their trips to and from the Vienna Metro station.


Getting There


From the Capital Beltway

Take Exit 8 to Arlington Blvd., Rte. 50, headed west.After 1.2 miles, As Nutley Street appears on your right, turn left to the parallel access road and park your car.The routes begin at the Accotink Stream Valley Trail head which will be just to the left as you turn off Arlington Blvd.


By Metro

The Vienna Metro station, the end of the Orange Line, is approximately 1.1 miles from the Accotink Stream Valley Trail head.Exit the station on the south side, onto Saintsbury Dr.Turn left on it, going approximately 0.5 miles to Nutley St.Turn right on Nutley St., going about over half a mile to Arlington Blvd.The starting point is at the trail head on the other side of the road to the left.Alternatively, the Fairfax County Connector route passes the metro station on the north side on Virginia Center Blvd., thus allowing you to start right from the station.


Area Routes


Eakin Community Park (7.9 miles, VII)

Going down through Eakin Community Park is enjoyable.Though the trail parallels Accotink Creek.It is however usually too far away from the creek to see the creek.Pines, Maples and Oaks grow healthily along the way providing shade.There are a few easy road crossings.After 2.5 miles, the trail is not maintained.Turn around if you like, but there is still some nice running further ahead.Continue downhill (itís slight enough of a grade to be considered flat) in the woods, along the creek.At one point near a stream crossing, the now dirt trail gets a little rocky.Just before reaching the power lines, turn right and cross Accotink Creek on stones (donít attempt this route if it has been raining recentlyBthe water may be high and the trail will be muddy).Turn left again, hopefully still dry, to follow the creek under highway access ramps and Little River Turnpike. Rte. 236.Emerge at Americana Park near the parking lot and ballfields.To loop back, climb the stiff hill on the Accotink Pkwy., then cross Little River Turnpike.Use rolling shaded suburban streets to get back to the Accotink valley at the point where the maintained trail begins and ends, then return the way you came.


Fairfax County Connector Trail (4.95, 3.8 or 6.95 miles, V, IV or VI)

For a commuter trail, the City of Fairfax Connector Trail (CFCT) is rather nice.Before getting there on this route, climb a less stimulating route along Nutley St. toward I-66.After crossing over I-66 a short option turns-off at Virginia Center Blvd. to round a small lake.After the lake the short route passes by the Vienna Metro station.Awkwardly, there=s no sidewalk in front of the station but the distance on the wide road is short before reaching the CFCT.On the regular route, continue straight on Nutley St, past the pond to Courthouse Rd.A narrow asphalt trail along it takes you to Nottoway Park.Nottoway is a mid-sized park with soccer fields, football fields, tennis and basketball courts.At the end of a parking lot, the CFCT begins.It only goes one-third a mile before becoming more like a sidewalk as it nears and passes the Vienna metro station.After crossing I-66 however, it descends through the woods of East Blake Lane Park, unpaved at first.The calm trail is interrupted by a road crossing at Lee Hwy., Rte. 29.At Arlington Blvd., Rte 50, the trail ends.Cross and turn left, using the wide shoulder for a short way before reaching the starting point at the Eakin Trail again.At the end of the CFCT, at the Arlington Bvld. and Lee Hwy. intersection, you can extend the route by going out and back along the Accotink.A bluestone trail picked-up at Thais Park crosses the creek twice before ending at Route 50; a little over a quarter mile west of Fairfax Circle.A narrow tunnel and an underpass gets around the busy road intersections on this trail.


Nearby and Connecting Zones



Wakefield Park


What to do Afterward


Food and Drink

Arigato Sushi - 703 352-9338

Viet Thai - 703 359-4433

Milan Pizza - 703 359-8000

Fudruckers 703 359-3798


Entertainment and Edification

Hunter House at Nottoway Park - built in 1890 - 703 938-7532/703 938-8835

Patriot Center - 703 993-3000

Oak Marr RECenter & Golf Complex - 703 255-5390

Fairfax Fair - June - 703 324-FAIR

Eakin Community Park

Distance:††††††††† 7.9 miles

Rating:VII; mostly unpaved or dirt trails; shaded; hills near the turn around


†††††† 0.0†† from Arl Blvd, Rte 50, down the Accotink Stream Valley Trail

†††††† 0.65 Barkley Dr

†††††† 1.25 Prosperity Ave

†††††† 1.5†† gravel trail on L to Eakin Park

†††††† 1.6†† trail X on L to Eakin Park

†††††† 2.05 Woodburn Rd (unmarked)

†††††† 2.6†† trail X on L after underpass to King Arthur Rd; paved trail becomes singletrack and follows creek downstream


BR2.95 on gravel; trail X on L (paved) goes uphill

†††††† 3.2†† cross tributary stream

†††††† 3.45 trail X on R near a vertical vent pipe


R†††† 3.7†† trail X on R before power line clearing; cross the creek on stones (!)


L†††† 3.75 after crossing; stay along creek; trail X on R goes along power lines

†††††† 3.95 Little River Trkp, Rte 236; three underpasses


R†††† 4.1†† American Park parking; to the road

R†††† 4.15 Accotink Pkwy (hill)


R†††† 4.4†† Pine Ridge Dr; cross Little River Trkp; Rte 236 (!)


L†††† 4.5†† Millcreek Dr


L†††† 4.75 Woodland Ave


R/L 4.9†† Hillcrest Rd/Brittany Dr


R†††† 5.05 King Arthur Rd


R†††† 5.3†† trail X on R after the bridge over Accotink Creek


R†††† 5.3†† R on Accotink Creek Stream Valley Trail at T (unmarked); go under bridge for King Arthur Rd

†††††† 5.85 Woodburn Rd (unmarked)

†††††† 6.3†† trail X on R to Eakin Park

†††††† 6.4†† gravel trail on R to Eakin Park

†††††† 6.65 Prosperity Ave

†††††† 7.25 Barkley Dr

†††††† 7.9†† Arl Blvd, Rte 50

City of Fairfax Connector Trail

Distance: 4.95, 3.8 or 6.95 miles

Rating:†††††††††† V, IV or VI; sidewalks and paved trails mostly; some long grades; mostly sunny


4.95 Mile Route


R†††† 0.0†† from Accotink Stream Valley Trail head, cross Arl Blvd, Rte 50 onto Nutley St


XS0.55 at Lee Hwy, Rte 29

†††††† 1.0†† begin bridge over I-66


†††††† 1.35 Virginia Center Blvd; trail X on L to lake trail


L†††† 1.95 Courthouse Rd (asphalt path)


L†††† 2.25 main entrance road for Nottoway Park


L†††† 2.45 into parking lot after mansion on L

S†††† 2.55 City of Fairfax Connector Trail (CFCT) head (paved)


S†††† 2.85 on Vaden Dr at end of trail; use L side of road and sidewalk

†††††† 3.1†† Virginia Center Blvd


R/L 3.35 at Saintsbury Dr onto gravel CFCT; into the woods; downhill


R/L 4.0†† at Circle Woods Dr; cross Lee Hwy, Rte 29 to continue CFCT

†††††† 4.25 trail X

†††††† 4.3†† road X


CL4.5†† Arl Blvd, Rte 50 (! use shoulder)

†††††† 4.95 Accotink Str Valley Trail head on R



*3.8 Mile Route


UL1.35 Virginia Center Blvd; trail X on L to lake loop trail; go clockwise


BL1.6†† leave the lake loop trail

L†††† 1.65 Virginia Ctr Blvd (! use shoulder)

†††††† 1.75 Vienna metro station


L†††† 1.9†† Vaden Dr; CFCT (pickup cues at mile 3.35 on 4.95 mile route)



*6.95 Mile Route


S†††† 4.5†† cross Arl Blvd, Rte 50 to Pickett Rd


UL4.75 into Thais Park parking lot


L†††† 4.8†† tunnel under Pickett Rd

BL5.25 at trail X; cross creek on wooden bridge

†††††† 5.3†† trail X on L after underpass to Old Lee Hwy


U††† 5.5†† Lee Hwy, Rte 50

†††††† 5.75 trail X on R after underpass to Old Lee Hwy


BR5.8†† trails merge after wooden bridge


R†††† 6.2†† after tunnel under Picket Rd


UR6.25 leave Thais Park onto Pickett Rd


R†††† 6.5†† Arl Blvd, Rte 50 (! use shoulder)

†††††† 6.95 Accotink Str Valley Trail head on R